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SHELLY WARNER, September 5 2022

This past weekend, I was out running with my running group on our Saturday morning long run. These runs are so fun for many reasons but one of the most important for me is the depth of conversation which can happen while out running with others. Deep and true friendships are made in those miles as we pound the pavement. As so often happens with run...

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SHELLY WARNER, August 25 2022

In November 2001 my father passed away from an acute coronary event. He was 66. Yes, he did have a history of heart problems. He had endured multiple procedures including multiple stents and angioplasty surgery. He had even been at the cardiologist the day before he passed away. His cardiologist told him he was ‘doing fine’ and essentially shrugged...

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SHELLY WARNER, August 15 2022

So often, many people struggle to find their purpose in life. We wonder if we are doing what we are meant to do. Are we on the right path? Are we or will we make a difference in the lives of others?  If this is you right now, we invite you to do something beyond your own immediate world. Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and engage with oth...

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SHELLY WARNER, August 1 2022

What do you do when you need to go for a run, and you don’t feel like it? It is Sunday evening. You’re tired. It’s been storming much of the day. It’s hot, humid, and sweaty out. And you have no interest in going. Your heart is heavy with heartache and sadness. You have fear, worry and uncertainty about your future. But you still need to run. So, y...

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SHELLY WARNER, July 15 2022

There is always a ‘Step 1’ to start anything. So here we go as we begin with the first step in the world of blogging. Our mission and vision for creating this blog is to share what we have learned along our travels on many different roads in this world of life and on our journey to discovering a greater level of health, wellness, and wellbeing. Lik...

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