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SHELLY WARNER, August 1 2022


What do you do when you need to go for a run, and you don’t feel like it? It is Sunday evening. You’re tired. It’s been storming much of the day. It’s hot, humid, and sweaty out. And you have no interest in going. Your heart is heavy with heartache and sadness. You have fear, worry and uncertainty about your future. But you still need to run. So, you make a move. You put your clothes on. You put your shoes on. Grab your headset and phone and walk out the door. And you run. You run because of the emotion. You run with the emotion. And you run through the emotion. You sweat it out, you cry it out, you sing it out and you let it go. You take a specific action to turn your story and your mindset around. You take an action which moves you closer to the goals and future you want for yourself, even when it is hard, and it is the last thing you want to do at that moment. Because you are not just running for yourself, you are running for those who can't and those who have had their lives cut short and taken from them. And once you finish, and you walk up that driveway dripping in sweat and fatigue, legs heavy and you're breathing hard, you thank God for giving you the legs and ability to run, the want to run and the opportunity to run. Now you feel more ready and prepared for what is ahead for you and what you need to do. And you get ready to do it again tomorrow, God willing because it is an important action which moves you toward that future you want for yourself.

What is that thing you know you need to do for yourself, and you just cannot seem to get it started? Maybe it’s a class you have been wanting to take to further your education, knowledge, and skill set. Maybe it’s starting that side hustle you dream of one day becoming your full-time career, but that nagging voice is in your head telling you that you will never be successful at it. Maybe it’s taking that first step away from a toxic relationship you have been wanting to get out of for years. Maybe it is writing that book, taking that fitness program to work on your health, taking specific action toward a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle because you want better health or taking that trip you have been dreaming of taking for years. Whatever it is that has been niggling at your thoughts and psyche for a long time, that is where you need to focus your energy. To take one action step toward that goal. One step is all you need to focus on now. Have a rough plan for meeting your goal, but none of that will happen without you first taking that one step.   

So, when your mind and body are telling you ‘No’, you go anyway. Now! Your future is waiting for you.

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