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SHELLY WARNER, July 15 2022


There is always a ‘Step 1’ to start anything. So here we go as we begin with the first step in the world of blogging. Our mission and vision for creating this blog is to share what we have learned along our travels on many different roads in this world of life and on our journey to discovering a greater level of health, wellness, and wellbeing. Like so many others, we have been riding the roller coaster of life with many ups and downs. So much of what we have learned, which has helped us in many ways, we learned the hard way. As we look back, we often talk about the fact that we wish we knew then what we know now. Our hope is by offering insight from our own experiences, it might help another on their own personal journey in some way shape or form. We know this will be a fluid project which will take its own shape and direction as we grow. But that is the beauty of it isn’t it? It is the way life works. It is the magic of the unknown and the willingness to be flexible and ready to shift and change as we learn and discover so much more of what this amazing world has to offer us. Are you ready to begin? Let’s GO! Time to take that first step…

Have you ever wanted or needed to start something so badly, but you just could not seem to get it going? You dreamt of an idea for years. You had the passion and energy to make it happen. You did the research, made the plans, knew what you needed to do but just could not seem to take that first step for some reason? Sometimes it is fear. It’s like you are frozen in fear of failure. Sometimes it is you think you have not done enough of the prep work, training, or research to get it going so you continue that path and struggle to get to that first step of beginning. At some point though, you must actually begin. You must believe in yourself and the hard work you have already done to get to the point you are at. Believe in yourself and have the courage in knowing you have enough to begin. To take that first step in moving forward and toward that goal you have set for yourself. You may stumble and fall. You may fail along the way. Be ok and ready for that. To even embrace those moments when they happen. For most often, our greatest level of growth and development can happen out of those periods of failure. Embrace the space you are in. Believe in yourself. And have the courage to start. It is time to begin.

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