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The call which comes in the middle of the night. It awakens you from a deep sleep. Instantaneously you know, something is wrong. Your heart starts beating faster and your mind starts running before you even pick up the phone.

What do you do when life changes your plans? When something traumatic happens to you, you have a choice to make. Each of us is faced with this decision throughout our own life experiences. Michael Warner is one of those rare people who have an inherently positive mindset. That super power God gifted him would serve him often throughout his life, most importanly when he faced daunting and life-altering challenges. Being born with a chronic, debilitating illness and surviving a traumatic car accident were not the only major obstacles Michael would have to overcome in his life.

Holy Cow is an inspiring story of how Michael, along with his wife Shelly, have travelled through trauma, illness and adversity. It is a life-affirming tale of how love, hope, faith and the power of a positive mindset can help you not only move through adversity, but thrive because of it. The life lessons shared throughout this book are meant to inspire and offer hope to anyone going through their own difficult challenge.

"I always welcome your thoughts on life and enjoyed your insight on how personal goals can shift and evolve into something even greater.  Thanks for the inspirational reminder to choose life that has meaning... whether it’s expanding my own experiences so I can be more fulfilled, or if it’s impacting someone else’s life with some random act of kindness. You are most certainly leading your own life on an incredible journey and gaining much from your experiences rather than letting facts and circumstances determine your path. I consider both you and Shelly ultimate role models."  

"Michael and Shelly, I was deeply touched by your story and commend you for sharing it with others. I believe that we are here to help each other through life’s over comings. I have always been a positive person and I have been going through a small rough patch and your story helped me to return to my path to keep moving forward. I greatly thank you for this. It is no accident that you have touched my life at this time. My angel knows I needed this. Thank you for sharing. The best to you and Shelly always."

“I just want to tell you that it was wonderful and inspiring. Although I have had some trials and tribulation in my life, they in no way match what you have gone through. I just wanted to let you know that your website touched my heart and know that it will be a blessing to others that need some encouragement. God has blessed you and will continue to bless you because you are a blessing to others. I would like to personally thank you for reaching out to those that either can’t or won’t”


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"Loved, Loved, Loved the book “Holy Cow”. Reading this book has moved me in ways I never expected. I cried, smiled and chuckled and felt more emotions than I even knew I had. It truly touched my heart and soul. This book is a beautiful example of pure and honest love as its authors deal with life, trauma and illness, showing readers that through a strong faith in God and a positive attitude all things are possible and life can reveal unexpected opportunities. It was so inspiring and moving and definitely worth the read."

Judith B.

Shelly and Mike. I read your book this weekend and was BLOWN AWAY! Extremely well-written and kept me wanting to read more. Shelly, I loved your prologue- Just wish it was fiction- I read every word and could feel your pain, your confusion, your fear- It was riveting. Mike as much as I knew your story there was much I didn't know. Reading it thru your eyes made me feel your emotions and touched me to the depths of my soul. Thanks so much, you guys. Once again you've surpassed all expectations.

Mona B.

Hello, Thank you for sharing your family's life experiences, I pray that others find the strength that I received as I read each chapter.

Mrs. Deborah Henry




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